Mixed Berry Tart

I hate seeing food go to waste… especially when there are berries involved. The second I see my fruit taking a turn for the worst I seal them in an air tight bag, date them, and store them in the freezer. You never know when frozen berries will come in handy. During a routine refreigerator raid in an effort to clear out some left overs I found myself with extra Pate Sucree from Thanksgiving confections. That’s when I decided it was time to break out the frozen berries. Yesterday I married some frozen bluberries and a pack of what I remeber to be the most delicious raspberries I enjoyed all summer… the result was delightful.

Servings: 1 mini Tart

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes


  • Pate Sucree
  • 1/4 Cup All Purpose Flour
  • 2 Cups of Frozen Berries
  • 1-1/2 Cups of Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of Salted Butter
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • Pinch of Kosher Salt
  • 2 Heaping Tablespoons of Cornstarch



  1. Preheat your oven to 350°
  2. Remove Pate Sucree from refridgerator and allow to come to room temp before rolling out.
  3. Add Frozen Fruit, Sugar, Water, Salt, and Vanilla Extract to a small sauce pot.
  4. Bring to a slow simmer, and cook until the the juice from the ingredients start to reduce.
  5. In a small bowl add cornstarch and 1/4 Cup of the liquid from the Berry Sauce. Stir together until the cornstarch is completely incorporated into the liquid and add to the sauce pot.
  6. Stir vigorously while the cornstarch thickens the ingredients to a thick, paste-like sauce. (Be sure to whisk or stir continuously otherwise you will end up with clumps in the sauce.)
  7. Remove pot from heat, turn the sauce(that should now be a touch more fluid than jam) out into a clean bowl or jar.
  8. Roll out Pate Sucree until it is approximately 1/4″ thick, and carefully lay in tarte shell. Mold to the sides being sure to bandaid any tears with the extra dough. (Reserve extra dough to cut out shapes to decorate the top of the tart)
  9. Perforate the base of the Tart so that it doesn’t rise too much in the baking process.
  10. Pour Berry mixture into the prepared Tart shell so that it is  1/2″ full.
  11. Bake for 8 minutes, before rotating the pan and continuing to bake for another 5-7 minutes or until the crust is golden brown and the fruit filling begins to slightly bubble.
  12. Remove from oven to cool, and enjoy.

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