About Me


Hello there. Welcome to my world. I am Josie, the voice behind Chef & Hound. A Los Angeles native, I reside in a charming little Chateau east of the Pacific Ocean- just myself and Henry Jones. I love sharing my food with friends- It’s the quickest way for someone to get more familiar with who I truly am.


Food, and all that came with it, was always a huge part of my life growing up. The most vivid memories of my childhood are mainly associated with the lingering aroma of sautéing garlic, and the sound of my dad’s Wustoff grazing the chopping board. Naturally, when it came time for me to decide what to do in life, I decided to enroll in culinary school and see where it might take me. I’m a classically trained chef who has put a fair amount of time into the grueling grind of a kitchen. I have since learned that my creativity is best expressed in different outlets. My five favorite foods, simply put, are toast, turkey, frites and dijon, garlic, well, garlic anything, and… who am I kidding? I can’t pick just five.


He leads a life of leisure, really. In his free time he enjoys sniffing around nearby parks, exploring the city, or relaxing at home with his favorite Herb Alpert record and close friends. His five favorite foods are strawberries, cheese, zucchini, peanut butter, and Begging Strips. In case you haven’t picked up on it by now- Henry is a 13lb. Cairn-Scottish Terrier with a sophisticated palate, and an adorably lovable underbite. 

With all the amazing food blogs in circulation right now I’m excited to be part of a community of inspiring artists alike!

So there you have it… I am the Chef, and he is the Hound. My love for cooking and my love for Henry are completely synced. Cooking was in my soul, a part of who I was, and it awakened me. Thomas Keller said “A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Anatole France said, “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Please enjoy my recipes, and see for yourself- the love that I put into them is just a platform for you to bring your own soul to… so bring it… and love your dog.